Extensions: Elevation without intimidation

Have you ever:

  • Went to a salon and felt like you needed to put on your trendiest outfit to step in the door?

  • Wanted to ask about extensions but didn't feel comfortable enough to ask?

  • Or were afraid that it would be WAY out of your budget and didn't want to say, "Nope, too expensive! Thanks anyway!"

  • Or didn't even know WHAT to ask because you don't know anything about them?


I hear you and I'd love to answer your questions. Let's elevate your look (and your confidence) with no elitist attitude, no intimidation and no judgement.  

dream hair ready?

Start here:

Let's talk Goals


Adding volume to your hair can be achieved with 1 row. One row is typically a subtle enhancement to your natural hair but for people with very thin hair - it's a game changer.

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You want to add a few inches of length and a little bit of volume. This requires 1-2 rows. This will be a noticeable enhancement to your hair.

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Most clients want more volume AND more length. This typically requires 2 - 3 rows. This is going to be a major transformation and provide you with the goddess locks you've always wanted.

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Hair investment

Extensions hair costs between $500 - $1500+ dollars depending on how much hair you get, the quality level and the type of hair. Hair typically lasts 6 - 12 months depending on how well you take care of it and the quality of the extensions. There are several different types of extensions and I can go through the options with you during a consultation.



Installation includes measurement, placement customization, signature cut to blend, styling lesson, thermal style, before and after photos, goodie bag and aftercare instructions.

1 Row or 'Volume Only' Install - $300

2 Rows or 'Volume + Length' Install - $350

3 Rows or 'Extra Volume + Length' Install - $400


Move Ups/Maintenance

"Move ups" or maintenance appointments are every 6-10 weeks depending on your hair growth and at-home hair care. 

1 Row - $150

2 Rows -  $250

3 Rows - $300


*Pricing varies and is based on a starting price. This does not include any additional color work.*

Not sure how much hair/ how many rows you may need?

Take a look below and get a general idea based on what your goal is and then book a consult and we can discuss in more detail!


Before and afterS

Now, Are you ready to get the hair you've always wanted?

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Client love...

Leah P.

My hair held up flawlessly...the professionalism, diligence and perfection you have to make a client feel beautiful, has made me feel like a gorgeous woman every day. And I appreciate that and you. Super happy to have found you,

Kristi L.

Would highly recommend Sarah for your wedding day! Sarah is extremely friendly, easy to work with and very talented! From the beginning, Sarah was very flexible and accommodating...I can't say enough about Sarah and her talent, but most of all, her kindness and professionalism! Can't wait to continue to use Sarah for future coloring and hair services!

Andrea R.

Sarah is the best! She always nails color and always gives me great suggestions to help me narrow down the look I want Her space is easy to find and super cute, you will be so happy you tried her out!


Tori S.

Sarah was absolutely amazing! We connected through Instagram after I moved to the area in June and was looking for a stylist! Sarah is professional, energetic, easy to talk to and makes the entire process so easy and fun! Would highly recommend!!!

Extension care guide

Click here for detailed info on how to properly care for your extensions.