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Hey, it's me, Sarah!

A little (or maybe too much) about me:​​

  • I'm obsessed with a lived-in, low maintenance blondes, the feeling of new hair extensions and KEVIN MURPHY products

  • I'm trained in five different extension methods (The Mane Concept, Habit, JZ Styles Master, OneLine and Vista Bella) - and counting!

  • I invest $5K + a year in continuing education to hone my craft.

  • I love reality TV, documentaries, cooking shows and PerfumeTok. 

  • Summers are best spent on a lake, in a lakehouse, on a boat or near a pool. If I'm sweating, it better be on water with a drink in my hand.

  • I met my British husband while we were on vacation in Mexico. We had a bi-continental relationship for about a year and were engaged after 6 months. And, yes, it was a little like 90 Day Fiance. We've been married since 2013.

  • My husband owns a construction company and we live in west Carmel.  

  • We have one child and 2 dogs.

  • I'm a Pisces sun sign, Leo rising and Virgo moon.

  • My favorite vacation spots are Costa Rica, the Amalfi Coast, Mexico and England. Bucket list locations includes Prague, Dubai and Japan.

Have any questions for me? Feel free to reach out!

So what's the goal here?

Nailing hair
goals in:

Hair Extensions

Alternative Hair Options

Low-Maintenance Looks

Lived-In Hair Color

I create long-lasting, confidence boosting transformations for my clients through customized hair extensions and lived-in, low maintenance color.   To have the ability to give people the hair they've always dreamed of is 100% pure magic. Every day I wake up excited for the day ahead because I'm aligned with my passion and genuinely enjoy my time with my clients.

I truly believe that when your soul is aligned with your path, you reach your highest potential and step into who you are meant to be. I spent 10 verrrryyy long years in corporate finance. I was burnt out, trying to juggle an uber stressful job, a husband who had just started his own company and a toddler.  I finally listened to that inner voice and dropped my stable, lucrative career and followed my heart to become a hairstylist. And there hasn't been a single second that I've regretted that decision. 

If you're ready for the hair you've always wanted, let's work together to make that happen.

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