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HEAD Spa/Scalp Facial SERVICES COMING SOON to Carmel/Zionsville!

I've been keeping a secret...I'm thrilled to introduce exciting new scalp care services! I've been Intensively trained and certified by Leeanne Heathcote, in-house Trichologist and co-owner of Rind Head Spa in San Diego, California.


Curious about what a head spa or scalp facial is? Well, imagine if a massage, a facial and hair washing had a baby! These services are specifically designed to revitalize and rejuvenate your mind, scalp, and hair. My head spa services  combines the soothing benefits of scalp massage, steam, exfoliation treatments and customized professional salon quality products to address your specific scalp concerns. Say goodbye to stress and tension (not to mention product build up, dryness and oiliness!) as I skillfully stimulate pressure points on your scalp, promoting blood circulation, and leaving you with the cleanest, most refreshed scalp you've ever had.


With specialized techniques and carefully selected salon quality products, we'll enhance the health of your scalp and promote hair growth. Sign up to be the first in line to book your head spa appointment! Let the worries of the world melt away and indulge in this ultimate self-care experience that nourishes your mind and body.

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